Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation

Part 1

Part 2

A better quality version of this propaganda film can be downloaded here...

'The Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation' - Civil Defense Film on DVD. Enjoy the wonderful vintage animation used to illustrate the manner in which radioactive particles penetrate all manner of objects. Step back in time and gain perspective on how people were instructed to conduct themselves in the event of a nuclear attack. Watch as the use of a geiger counter is demonstrated for the purposes of determining radiation levels. Originally commissioned in 1950 by The Armed Forces Special Weapons Project, 'The Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation' is an important part of world history. Great for home-schoolers or in the classroom! Arrange a viewing for students and use this film as a tool to begin a discussion regarding these new concerns during the dawn of the nuclear age. Great for the classroom, family gatherings, informal get-togethers or any occassion, The Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation on DVD is sure to provide endless hours of viewing pleasure! Enjoy this educational and fascinating documentary film on your DVD player in the comfort of your living room.

Yes, hours of viewing pleasure watching this 20 minute propaganda film. Thank you, Amazon, for that helpful description.

So we are heading into blatant lies and criminal misrepresentations with this U.S. Air Force sponsored documentary from the 1950's. I am thankful that it is a lot more difficult to peddle such misinformation now about topical subjects without creating an enormous public debate.

Still, if you gloss over the fact that this documentary was created to misinform the public about the dangers of nuclear warfare so as to increase the governments chances of reelection whilst building up an Earth annihilating arsenal, then there is plenty of material to laugh at.

Behold as the film explains that radiation only kills 15% of the victims, so why concern yourself with it? You are much more likely to perish from incineration, thermal burns, or being crushed to death in the building you are cowering in. Phew, that's a load off my mind. The film compares radiation sickness to snakebites, and explains that it does not matter if all your hair falls out, you can always wear a toupee. It explains the supposed ease of recovery from radiation poisoning through simple medical procedures, immediately followed up by footage of the destroyed Nagasaki hospitals in the wake of the city's destruction in 1945. There is radiation in the sun and the glowing hand of your wristwatch, and the radiation from nuclear warfare is no different... apparently.

Overall a pretty obvious example of the need to think critically when watching any documentary, whether you agree with it's premise or not. For a great documentary talking about the effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, acquire the HBO film, White light, Black rain.